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Breaking News: US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case in Conflict Between Two Federal Circuits

January 16, 2015

Today (Friday, January 16, 2015) the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced it would take up a historic same-sex marriage case on whether states have a right to define marriage. Continue reading

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Good News for Anxious Believers in 2015: Ten Positive Things We Can Be Thankful For

January 7, 2015

2014 was a year of some pretty bad news. Between Ebola, ISIS, race relations, cyber-attacks, airline crashes, Obama’s executive orders “gone wild” and the attacks on marriage, it’s easy to become discouraged. Further, our own society is in moral free-fall and the country we know and love is in dire economic, spiritual, political, and social straits. If you’re like me, you hear so much bad news that it’s easy to become negative and jaded, overlooking the positive and powerful things happening in the midst of all the depravity. So to help you restore hope in the New Year, and give a more realistic perspective, here are ten really great (even amazing) things happening in our world right now. Continue reading

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