Who We Are

Who we are:

The Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) is one of 38 other state based policy council around the country which are associated with Focus on the Family. Many of these organizations are the leading pro-life, pro-family organizations in their respective states.
The FFPC is a 501c3 non-profit corporation under the IRS tax code. We have an independent board of directors and are responsible for raising our own financial support.

Our motto:

“For Life, Marriage, Family and Liberty…”

Our Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to strengthen Florida’s families through public policy education, issue research, and grassroots advocacy.”


In 2004, the organization both registered as a state not-for-profit corporation in Florida and obtained its federal 501c3 status with the IRS. In 2005, the organization began its official public launch and was formally associated with Focus on the Family out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. John Stemberger was the groups founding President and remains the organizations CEO and General Counsel to this day. For a more in depth and detailed history of the organization click here.

What is the difference?

Principled Persuasion… The Florida Family Policy Council is committed to using good research, sound arguments and articulate presentations to make the case for pro-life, pro-family values in the public square.

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The Florida Family Policy Council is a 501c3 and our flagship organization whose primary purpose is to EDUCATE.

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Florida Family Action is a 501c4 social advocacy organization whose primary purpose is to LOBBY or to advocate robustly for or against various legislation or issues.