Voter Guide Information & Resources

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In the past, we have printed and distributed paper copies of voter guides statewide. Several important changes and additions will be made in this 2016 Primary Election cycle and beyond regarding how voter guides and voter information are produced and distributed. We are making these changes for three reasons:

1) Due to advances in technology, the majority of people we serve are now able to conveniently access our voter guide via the Internet;

2) We see the need for increased information about and accountability for our elected officials, so we are providing additional resources and;

3) We have the obligation to be good, efficient stewards and to be as effective as possible with the funds entrusted to us. On occasion, Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) may continue to mass print paper guides and drop ship them into every county as we have done in the past. However, beginning this election cycle, we are making some exciting changes and improvements in how we are providing this voter information.

Voter Guides & Expanded Resources

  • Church Approved Voter GuideFor some elections, voter guides will be available online in two formats. The first is a printable PDF document, where churches and other groups can go to download and print copies of a 501(c)3 compatible guide for distribution in churches.
  • Extensive Online Voter Guide: In addition to the PDF church voter guide, a new, interactive, and more extensive online voter guide will provide much more detailed information on state legislative and congressional races, as well as “rating” or “scoring” state and federal candidates on a range from “very liberal to very conservative.” This product will be produced by our sister group Florida Family Action.
  • FFA Legislative Scorecard: Florida Family Action has also published its first ever Legislative Scorecard this year and plans to continue to publish this resource annually. The Legislative Scorecard gives every state legislator a numeric grade (0%-100%) and corresponding letter grade (A-F) based upon their voting record on our issues during the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions.
  • Judicial Voter GuideFor 11 years FFPC has produced one of the only truly comprehensive Judicial Voter Guides anywhere in the state by any organization. This product gives voters all the information available on judges up for election to County Court, Circuit Court, Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. This extensive online grid directs voters to additional websites, questionnaires and information to provide comprehensive information on the judicial candidates. Lord willing, we will continue to be able to produce this unique product online, as it has been, in 2016 and beyond.
  • Local County Voter Guides: Some of our local alliance partners in the field do a great job at creating local voter guides that cover state and county candidates. When possible, we will post credible local county guides as well on our voter guide resource page and make them available in PDF. These local guides come in all shapes and sizes and many are not suitable for official church distribution but anything can be printed and handed out from one member to another.

We hope the newly expanded online resources we are providing will be helpful to you as you seek to make a wise and informed decisions this election cycle. And with your continued support, and by God’s grace, we can and WILL make a difference!