The Economic Impact of Abortion

money by borman81826,467,470 Americans were legally murdered by abortion between 1973 and 1994 (Roe v. Wade to the birth year who would be 18 and eligible to vote in 2012).

Since the tax burden is borne by 54% of Americans, that makes 14,292,433 effective taxpayers who are not alive to earn income and make those payments in 2012.

Using median income data and corresponding income tax rates, it is estimated that those killed by abortion would have contributed $80.6 billion to the US Treasury in 2012.

Income taxes make up 47% of the total taxes collected by the US government. Last week we wrote about abortion being the leading cause of death in the United States (in fact it increases the published death rate by nearly 60%), but we haven’t yet looked at abortion’s impact on our economy.

If the impact of their income tax revenue alone (and that estimated at median income by age) has a nine-figure effect, imagine the collective impact on our economy of their not buying consumer goods and services or paying interest on loans or mortgages, just to name a few. The effect is staggering.

4,000 babies continue to die every day in the United States at the request of their own mothers.

Click here for a PDF of the full report of abortion’s impact on tax revenue.

2 thoughts on “The Economic Impact of Abortion

  1. Can we find out why the other more current years and other vital data were not included in this report? Having the full information available would make far more of an impact in our minds and hearts as to the devestating consequences of abortion (i.e. the murder of innocent pre-born children). Please consider also including the current abortion rates of other countries currently feeling the direct effects financially of the abortion levels: Spain I know for one is a prime example of what America stands to face as a result of the hight levels of aborted children in that nation.
    Please consider making a report available on the number of American-born Islamic children into the picture as well, as an indicator of another deeper problem Ameirca will be facing as a result of over 50 million chidren aborted in this country, specifically the problem of a dangerous infiltration of Islam that has been very purposefully designed to occur for the sake of the spread of Islam. Spain again is another prime example of this dilemma, and it is far past time for America to be awake to these realities. Perhaps we could still yet be encouraged to embrace the blessing from God that He designed children to be, rather than embracing careers at the expense of this nation in the long run. – – There are many more negative implications attached to this issue called abortion (including the use of that very word, instead of the more appropriate word ‘murder’) – – and they are all in great need of being reported over and over and over until America wakes up to this criminal tragedy of killing children. I refer to this action as killing children on the alter of free sex. Yes, I dare put it in those terms. If we do not stand up to protect innocent unborn children, who else is left to do so?
    The solution is not premised on women having free choices or not with their bodies. This premise is false from the start. But I do agree that women should have freedom of choice. Is this a conflict of words? No. Women have the free choice to have sex or not. Where the line needs to be drawn is in the so-called freedom to murder an innocent child they are carrying. Why must a child pay the ultimate price with their lives so others can live outside of God-ordained boundaries of sexual activity? God never designed women to murder their own children. And God also says He “foreknew us before we were formed in the womb”. The bottome line to abortion really is a moral one that centers around whether or not people choose to follow God or turn their backs and their wills against Him. This then is the real issue, and the real tragedy. Man deciding on laws as “ok” to murder innocent children will never stand up against the ultimate laws of God. His ways ARE higher than ours, and for good reason. God values life and so must we. His love for us makes us all valuable. While men may not want ‘unwanted’ babies, our loving Lord does.

    • This report was limited to just 2012 but as the preparer pointed out the data she used is available to the average citizen. We may be able to compile and make more data available at a later date.