Stem Cell Research

Talking Points and Basic Information

1. What the Media Won’t Tell You About Stem Cell Research
New studies threaten to undermine everything you’ve been told about embryonic stem cell research. The following is a must read for anyone interested in the whole story on stem cell research.

2. Defining the Stem Cell Controversy
Much of the debate over stem cell research centers on how words are defined. In our battle to preserve an ethic of life, it is important for us to understand some of the basic terms that are often misused in the media.

3. Stem Cell and Cloning Glossary
Family Research Council

Comprehensive Research and Articles

1. Stem Cell Research in 2011
By Dawn McBane
Stem cell research will continue to be debated in scientific circles and in the halls of Congress but unfortunately, political funding and research decisions might not line up with sound science.

2. Looking Forward: Ethical Stem Cell Research
By Dawn McBane
As research continues to move forward, we expect that scientists will continue to discover ethical ways to research and treat patients suffering from life-altering diseases.

3. Technology is On Our Side
By Dawn McBane
Ultrasound and ethical stem-cell advances may point to a pro-life future.

4. Adult Stem Cells: Saving Lives Now
By Dr. David Prentice
Adult stem cells from sources such as bone marrow, muscle, and umbilical cord blood are successfully improving health and saving lives of patients now, without destroying the stem cell donor.

5. Adult Stem Cell vs Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ethics Video
A Presentation of The Family Research Council

6. Making Difficult Decisions
By Stuart R. Sprague
The Center for Christian Ethics
Not every medical “advance” deserves our unquestioning acceptance. Decisions about whether and how to employ new technologies are deeply personal, yet they raise questions about our common nature as creatures of God. We must draw upon our religious values, and clearness committees can help us do this in a positive and helpful way.

Websites, Books and Additional Resources

1. The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

2. The National Catholic Bioethics Center