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al·lied adj., al·li·ance noun

  • Joined or united in a close relationship.
  • Of a similar nature; related.
  • An association to further the common interests of the members

Local Florida Family Alliance Organizations:


  • PENSACOLA: Florida Family Alliance of Northwest Florida – Tom Thompson-
  • TALLAHASSEE: Florida Family Alliance of North Central Florida – Bob West-
  • JACKSONVILLE: Jacksonville Family Alliance – Jerod Powers- 904-651-0809
  • CLAY: Clay Family Policy Forum – Mary Lib Stevenson- 904-874-8987


  • ORLANDO: Central Florida Family Alliance – Laura Caruso- 407-346-5512
  • BREVARD: Brevard Family Alliance – Gerald Lostutter- 321-574-5225
  • TAMPA: Community Issues Council, Tampa – Terry Kemple- 813-368-9077
  • ST. PETE/CLEARWATER: Transforming Florida – Regina Strong-Brown-


  • NAPLES: Public issues Committee, First Baptist of Naples – Ken Price-
  • PALM BEACH: Palm Beach Faith and Freedom Coalition – John & Virginia Brooks-
  • MIAMI: Christian Coalition of South Florida, Miami – Sara Leon-

What is the Florida Family Alliance?

The Florida Family Alliance (The Alliance) is an association of local and regional pro-life, pro-family conservative organizations across Florida. This network of independent grassroots organizations will seek to collaborate and communicate with each other to further common goals objectives to advance the causes of life, marriage, family and our first liberties.

The Alliance is an association with the Florida Family Policy Council based on common relationship and influence, and is not a legal affiliation or a formal chapter of the FFPC. The Alliance will include such organizations as Christian Coalition Chapters, Church Social Issues Committees, Citywide Pastors Assemblies, Faith and Freedom Coalition groups, Pro-Life Organizations, Regional Pro-Family Groups and other Independent Conservative Organizations and is by invitation only.

To apply to start a new organization or associated Florida Family Alliance organization or have your organization adopted by the FFA please Contact Us.

The Florida Family Alliance is Associated with the Florida Family Policy Council, 4853 South Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32806 | 407-251-5130