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TODAY, Tuesday, November 27, is #GivingTuesday which is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
#givingtuesday, giving tuesday #GivingTuesday kicks off the Christmas giving season by inspiring people to give back in meaningful ways to the charities and causes they support.

Next year will be our 15th year delivering RESULTS that are uniquestrategic 
and historic.

Help us as we advocate for the:

1) protection of children (born and unborn)
2) natural marriage and family structures, and
3) religious liberty and rights of conscience of all people.

After a weekend of “saving money” by taking advantage of retail sales and online purchases… will you help us SAVE the FUTURE for our CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN by investing in the work of the Florida Family Policy Council with your gift today?  


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Because of you and your past gifts, Florida Family Policy Council has been privileged to be your voice for your values, speaking truth to power in the legislature, standing for Biblical and God-honoring values in the media, training and equipping pastors, and investing in the next generation.

Giving Tuesday is a day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity. Your gift to FFPC is an investment that yields results right here in Florida.

Will you participate in Giving Tuesday by investing in the Florida Family Policy Council today?


We hope you will join us with a gift to kick off the “giving season” when non-profit organizations like your Florida Family Policy Council traditionally need to generate a significant part of our operating budget.  This is critical because we are gearing up now to be ready for the attacks from the left that are sure to come with the upcoming Legislative Session, especially after so many razor-thin elections and the recent political fervor at an all-time high.

Thank you for your consideration!  No gift is too large or too small, so I hope we can count on you standing with us today.


John Stemberger

PS- Thank you for considering your Florida Family Policy Council one of the organizations you give to today.

Volunteers Work in Fla. Panhandle to Get ‘Hurricane’ Voters to Polls

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Originally Published in NEWSMAX By David A. Patten, Tuesday, 06 November 2018 

In a storm-struck region of Florida that overwhelmingly favors conservatives, would-be voters tell relief workers they’re “just struggling to survive.”

Most polling places and indeed most structures are damaged or destroyed in the wake of Hurricane Michael. Shelters are packed, people don’t have roofs on their homes, and thousands have been displaced.

Florida Family Action, a social-conservative organization led by John Stemberger, has launched Operation Panhandle to provide voter assistance.

Stemberger’s team of 60 volunteers are navigating storm-tossed neighborhoods and shelters to help Hurricane Michael refugees get to the new, centralized polling locations there that have replaced the normal election infrastructure blown away by the storm, one of the strongest to ever hit the United States.

Over the weekend Stemberger filed this report from the front lines of the relief effort:

“I am writing this email in real time on the ground from the hurricane ravaged regions of North Florida where we are fully engaged in an emergency get out the vote (GOTV) campaign called “Operation Panhandle Vote.’

“We have set up our headquarters in Panama City, Bay County where the devastation was the worst and it is more serious than I could have ever imagined.

“As you read this, I am leading a group of about 65 of our volunteers and other modestly paid workers who have come from all across Florida to be part of this effort. We are walking through damaged neighborhoods, offering people voting information, poll location flyers, voter guides, snacks, water, a prayer and a ride to the polls.

“In some areas over 50 percent of the residential, commercial and government buildings have been completely destroyed. The power is just now being turned on for some households after weeks without it in the rural areas.

“The devastation is so bad, that two of our older volunteers told me yesterday that it was simply more than they expected or could handle and had to head back home. They were just exhausted and overwhelmed by it. It truly is a major disaster area.

“One pastor who is a very good friend of ours from one of the largest churches in the area said, ‘John, we can’t even take any more voter guides for other churches from you right now. We are feeding 8,000 people a day, most of our buildings have been damaged and we can barely keep up with just surviving…’

“Another pastor described people in his church spending most of their days just digging personal belongings from their wrecked homes and guarding their property from looters.

“After learning they did not have insurance for wind damage, many families have no way to think about rebuilding from the rubble of their properties.

“I have been in active communication with the Supervisors of Elections [SEO] in Bay and surrounding counties.

“Pursuant to the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order on Hurricane Michael, the SEO has designated voting/polling places available and open, six major Mega Polling sites. This morning we are also moving into and canvassing Calhoun, Gadsden, and Franklin counties.

“It is somewhat challenging approaching people in the midst of this kind of suffering and reminding them to vote but this area is critical to every statewide election in Florida and it has been hit hard.

“The people here were so glad to be reminded of the election as it has just been completely off the radar for thousands of voters here. These votes could make the difference in this very close election.”

“This project was certainly not in our annual operating budget, but the votes of these good people are just as important as yours or mine, so we are doing everything in our power to help them make their vote count!”

Stemberger asks anyone able to support the Operation Panhandle relief effort to consider making a donation.

© 2018 Newsmax. All rights reserved. Read the original published article at here:

We Need Your Help! Join Operation Panhandle Votes

We need 50-100 men and women to be volunteers or be hired to drive over the next 7 days to the hurricane devastated regions of North Florida to participate in “Operation Panhandle Votes”!

There are thousands of families, retired veterans, single moms, seniors, and young couples whose lives and properties have been devastated as result of Hurricane Michael.  Many of them are only eating one meal a day at a church or shelter feeding facility, sifting through the rubble of their destroyed home and or just living in hotels.  We want to go to them directly and offer a sandwich, a drink, a prayer and a ride to the polls.

And we need you to join us in this unprecedented project of the Florida Family Policy Council.  Over the next 7 days, we are going to conduct a Herculean ground voter turnout operation.


1)     We need 50-100 modestly paid individuals or volunteers willing to be trained and equipped and to live and work in North Florida during the six days from Thursday, November 1, through Tuesday, November 6.

2)     Food, modest lodging, transportation, and fuel reimbursement will be provided from Tallahassee, Florida to the area of work in the hurricane hit regions.

3)     Days will be long, and the work will be between 9-10 hours a day.

4)     You will be working with a larger team of FFPC supporters but will be working on your own, during the day (unless you bring your spouse or a helper).

5)     The election is going to be very close and every Floridian needs the opportunity to vote and should not be hindered because of the personal physical losses of the hurricane.

6)     For more information please complete the online application form here and we will get back with you ASAP for a phone interview.

We need your help NOW to deliver 1 MILLION church-friendly voter guides to Florida churches

People are always asking us, “How can I help?”

Well here is how… 

We are delivering 1,000,000 paper church friendly voter guides (educational and non-partisan) to every county in Florida THIS WEEKEND.

The Voter Guides are being printed and will be distributed by trucks to the 67 counties this weekend. See the Voter Guide here.

We need your help in one of 2 ways:

1) We need one or more volunteers in each county to serve as a County-Hub Leader to:

a) Receive the boxes of Voter Guides this weekend (home, church or office building)
b) Allow others to pick them up from you, and
c) Organize a day or two where volunteers can distribute them to local churches in your county which have placed orders requesting the Voter Guides.

2) We need volunteer Drivers in each county to help the County Hub Leadersto deliver the voter guides to each church which ordered them.

To volunteer to be a County Hub Leader or volunteer Driver delivering the Voter Guides to local churches in your county, please send an email with your name, email, cell phone, physical address, and county to as soon as possible.

Finally, please ask your pastor or church leaders right away, if they will make an announcement about the election and pass out the Voter Guides during or after church services on Sunday, October 28 and on Sunday, November 4, the sooner the better.

Well over 50% of people will have voted by the actual election day, Tuesday, November 6.   This election will be razor close.  All of the polls in the US Senate race and the Governor’s race are in a virtual tie.


Sign up to order voter guides to be delivered to your church here:

The voter guide designed for churches that is being delivered can be downloaded and viewed here.

Florida Family Policy Council

4853 S. Orange Ave, Suite C, Orlando, FL 32806  *  Phone:  407-251-5130

BREAKING NEWS: All Voter Tools Online Now: Judges, Amendments, Video Explanations, Local County Races, State & Federal, Score Cards, Church Resources

All Florida Voter Tools Now Online

Judges, Amendments, Video Explanations, Local County
Races, State & Federal Races, Score Cards &
“501(c)3-safe” Church Resources.

This is going to be a historically high voter turn out, the ballot will be longer than ever, and the polling in both the Governor’s and U.S. Senate race is razor thin.  You have to plan now to vote, you have to do your homework and you have to be prepared.  Your vote can make a difference.  Get resources now at


 We are right now printing one million church friendly voter guides and distributing them on the ground to the 67 counties this weekend. See the product being printed and distributed here.

We need your help in one of three ways:

1) We need people willing to serve as county hub leaders to receive the boxes of voter guides this weekend and then organize volunteers to distribute them to the churches who have placed orders for them in each county.

2) We need volunteers in each county to help the county hub leaders to deliver the voter guides to each church.

3) We need you to ask your pastor or church leaders to pass out the voter guide during church services on Sunday, October 28 & Sunday, November 4.

The link to sign up to order voter guides for your church is here:

To volunteer to be a County Hub Leader or assist the leader driving voter guides to local churches send an email with all of your name, e-mail, cell phone and county to


We highly advise you to vote early or vote by absentee ballot.  You can contact your local Supervisor of Elections here to order an absentee ballot or to find early voting locations which start in most counties on Saturday, October 27 and runs till Wednesday, November 3.

Vote Yes on Amendment 3 to Freeze the Expansion of Casino Gambling

I feel very strongly about our need to support Amendment 3 which freezes all casino gambling in Florida and removes government’s ability to create more casinos on Florida’s beautiful beaches and shorelines. Please watch my 2-minute video explaining why we should all VOTE YES on 3! Click on the image below.
amendment 3 gambling florida

Stay tuned for other “video explanations” on the amendments on the November 6 ballot later this week. To see a complete set of voter guides and other voter resources click here:

Remember to VOTE YES on 3! Check out the Yes on 3 Facebook page.

Thank you for your support.

John Stemberger

PS- To make a gift right now to support our work click here.

US Senate, Governor & Amendment Voter Guides Now Online

U.S. Senate, Governor and Amendment Voter Guides are now online for the 2018 General Election. Other voter guides on state, local races and judges will be released soon.

Click on the images below to access the resources:

We will also be providing a detailed written analysis on the amendments in the days to come. Check back to often for more voter tool and new releases. All church resources can be found at for the Honoring God initiative.

Voter Guides for Judges, School Board & Local Races for the Primary Election

Honoring God With Your Vote

“Honoring God with Your Vote”
Church voting resources also available.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018, is the primary election in Florida and we have voter guides for federal, state, judges, and local race information for 13 Florida counties.

Have you voted yet?  Early voting is much faster and easier than voting on election day.  Please make plans now and vote by this Sunday which is the last day to early vote.

Before you vote, visit for voter guides and other voter resources.

For churches and pastors, we have high quality videos, memes, sermon notes and bulletin inserts as part of our “Honoring God with Your Vote in 2018” Movement here.

Every election is important because we want to honor God by being good stewards of this remarkable gift which he has given us which may countries do not have.  Our calling is not ultimately about loyalty to political parties or candidates, but is instead to honor God with every part of our life including our vote.

Please plan on voting today and multiply your influence by helping others in your family or church to vote also by forwarding this email to them.

If you can help support our work with a gift today we would be grateful.  Give online now here.

It’s all about our young people…!

It’s all about our young people…!

(The first part of this post shares a special need and is your invitation to invest in our young people, the second part of this email is about signing up a young person to participate in the Patriot Academy.)

Today’s youth face an increasingly hostile culture when it comes to a Christian worldview.

For this reason, it is more important than ever before to invest in training our young people with a solid worldview, and to equip them with the skills to be able to confidently defend their faith and the principles of a Christian worldview.

Patriot Academy is the premier training program available for youth today.  It is so good, in fact, that I sent my oldest son to experience it last year, and I plan to send each of my children through Patriot Academy when they are old enough to attend.

If you have not given a gift recently to the Florida Family Policy Council, would you consider giving a gift today for this special project? 


This intensive 3-day leadership training program for Florida students, age 16-25, is held in Tallahassee each summer and is an invaluable opportunity for students to learn and practice important life-leadership skills. 

Participants will learn a founding fathers’ philosophy of government from a biblical worldview, be immersed in the legislative process and learn how to make a difference, develop media relations and public speaking skills, practice campaign techniques, and more!

Many also graduate from the course having a more firm direction for their life and a better understanding of their purpose in life.  This training is relevant and beneficial to all students regardless of their field of study.

Please consider investing in our next generation with a special gift TODAY.

Here are some examples of how your gift today can help:

A $25 gift could go toward program costs.
A $50 gift could cover the cost of printed training materials for one student.
A $100 gift could go toward the cost of implementing the training program.
A $250 gift could cover 3 days of meals and transportation to/from event for one student.
A $500 gift could cover the program fee for one student.
A $750 gift could cover the program fee, meals and transportation for one student.  (Basically, all expenses paid for one student.)
A $1,500 gift could cover the program fee, meals, and transportation for two students.  (Basically, all expenses paid for two students.)

A gift of any amount is appreciated!  





Register your student by this Friday, June 1 at midnight, online here.

A discounted rate of $375 (regularly $500) is offered until June 1st.   

Full scholarships are available to students whose parents served or currently serve in the armed forces, law enforcement, are firefighters, EMTs, or first responders. Click here for more information.

To learn more about Patriot Academy, visit:

pa 2   sworn in patriot academy


In our challenging culture, it’s important to equip our youth to be leaders that stand for truth and are able to defend what they believe in their schools, communities, and workplaces.

Help us inspire, educate and challenge the next generation… by investing in this special training program, or sponsor a student to attend Patriot Academy this year in Tallahassee.


May I ask you for a favor?  After you consider your best gift, would you please either forward this email to someone you know who has youth who might benefit from Patriot Academy, or forward this to others who share your concern and hope for the next generation, and then also follow us on Facebook?

We sincerely appreciate your support and help passing this information along!

John Stemberger

President and General Counsel

Available Now: Tickets for RPOF 2-Day Sunshine Summit Gubernatorial Debate & Special Guest Talks in Kissimmee

Ready to hear more from Florida’s GOP candidates for Governor?

Join us June 28-29 in Kissimmee for the Republican Party of Florida’s (RPOF) Annual Sunshine Summit!

This 2-day event will feature a nationally televised gubernatorial debate hosted by Fox News between Florida’s leading GOP candidates for governor, along with networking events, candidate meet-and-greets, talks with nationally acclaimed speakers, and more.

sunshine summit 2018 flyer

Confirmed speakers for this event include: 

– Dan Bongino, Host of the Dan Bongino Show and Contributing Editor for the Conservative Review
– Jason Chaffetz, Contributor for FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network, former US Representative
– Dinesh D’Souza, New York Times Bestselling Author and Political Commentator
– Senator Rand Paul, US Senator from Kentucky, former presidential candidate
– Candace Owens, conservative commentator and activist
– And more…

You don’t want to miss the premier Republican event of the year–the perfect place to network, hear from Florida’s candidates on important issues, and be briefed on current national policy concerns facing conservatives.

Tickets for this event are available online for purchase here. A special student rate is available. This event is expected to sell out quickly!

Please note: The GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate is being organized, produced, and controlled by the Fox News Channel (FNC) and is not an official part of theRPOF Sunshine Summit. Purchase of a ticket to the RPOF Sunshine Summit does not guarantee admission to the FNC debate.