Good Bills
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This list refers to bills filed during the 2014 Florida legislative session. The 2015 list is coming soon.

HB 59/SB 162 Unborn Victims of Violence Bill – Rep. Ahern (R) / Sen. Stargel (R)
Justice for the Unborn- This bill creates the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act” which recognizes the death or injury (due to violence or vehicular homicide) of an unborn child as the death or injury of a second person.

HB 551/ SB 1602 20 Week Abortion Ban – Rep. Van Zant (R) / Sen. Evers (R)
This bill bans abortion after 20 weeks, except in the case the child is not viable as determined by a physician through an examination of the woman and child. Physician must test and record the stage of fetal development, gestational age, weight, and lung maturity, in addition to any other tests the physician feels necessary to make the determination that the child is not capable of surviving outside of the womb with or without medical assistance.

HB 1047/SB 918 Bans Abortion of a Viable Fetus – Rep. Adkins (R) / Sen. Flores (R)
This bill bans abortions if the doctor reasonably determines, in good faith medical judgment, that the child has achieved viability. It provides strict exceptions if the mother’s life is endangered by the pregnancy or if the mother will suffer substantial and irreversible physical damage by continuing the pregnancy.

HB 25/ SB 1316 Public School Curricular Standards and Assessments – Rep. Mayfield (R) / Sen. Evers (R)
This bill stops or pauses common core from being further implemented and performs an overhaul of the standards, beginning with the state board of education holding a community meeting in every congressional district in the state.

HB 903/SB 386 Freedom from Foreign Law – Rep. Combee (R) / Sen. Hays (R)
This bill prevents Florida judges from relying on the laws of foreign nations as precedent if they would violate Constitutional rights in certain cases.

HB 195/SB 188, SB 232 Prohibits Collection of Student’s Data – Rep. Raburn (R) / Sen. Hukill (R)
This good bill protects against some of the abusive aspects of the common core education reforms.  It regulates the collection and recording of student’s data. It also creates a process for the each school district to determine what information will be collected and who will have access to it. SB 232 prohibits the school district from collecting biometric data collection.

HB 73/SB 182 Prohibits Access to Porn – Rep. Edwards (D) / Sen. Stargel (R)
This bill prohibits certain persons who have been convicted of sexual crimes and offenses and released from prison such from viewing, accessing, owning, or possessing any obscene, pornographic, or sexually stimulating material.

HB 1017 / SB 1440 Protection of Minors from Human Trafficking – Rep. Spano (R) / Sen. Flores (R)
This bill prohibits adult pornographic “theatres” from hiring minors. Adult theatres must verify ages of staff and contractors before hiring them.

HB 1019  / SB 1436 Protects the Location of Safe Houses – Rep. Spano (R)/Sen. Flores (R)
This bill makes a public records exemption for any ‘safe house’ run by the Department of Children and Families or a local government entity.  In other words, the location of the safe houses that victims of human trafficking run to for safe harbor will be kept confidential in public records so that those wishing to do harm to the victim cannot be located as easily,

HB 1021 / SB 1426  Protects Trafficked Victims – Rep. Spano (R) / Sen. Flores (R)
This bill makes certain information about a Trafficked Human’s criminal record investigation confidential in order to protect the victim from those wishing to do them harm.

SB 1554 Creates a Human Trafficking Council – Sen. Flores (R)
This bill creates a statewide council on Human Trafficking that will discuss current human trafficking issues, hold a statewide policy summit, and create a list of resources for human trafficking information and victim assistance.

SB 1164 Creates a Human Trafficking Commission- Sen. Simmons (R)
This bill creates a Human Trafficking Commission. This commission will be tasked with creating a victim assistance program, developing a statewide media campaign on the prevalence of human trafficking, and  providing grants to ‘safe houses’ (recovery homes for victims of human trafficking).