Bad Bills
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This list refers to bills filed during the 2014 Florida legislative session. The 2015 list is coming soon.

HB 439/SB 578 Domestic Partnership Registry – Rep. Stewart (D)/Sen. Sobel (D)
This bill calls itself a mere domestic partnership but it is actually a full blown civil union attempting to give all the rights, benefits, and privileges of marriage. These bills are presently different, but have the same intention of recognizing domestic partnerships.

HB 239/SB 348 LGBT Rights – Rep. Saunders (D)/Sen. Abruzzo (D)
This bill makes sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity impermissible grounds for discrimination.

HB 221/SB 240 Sexual Orientation Change Therapy Restrictions – Rep. Richardson (D)/Sen. Clemens (D)
This bill prohibits counsellors and psychologists from counselling their under 18 patients to change their sexual orientation, behaviors, gender identity, gender expression or to reduce or eliminate sexual or romantic attractions toward a person of the same gender.

HB 1383 Gambling Commission – Rep. Schenck (R)
This bad bill creates a gaming control commission and department of gaming control to provide for oversight of pari-mutuel facilities, slot machines, cardrooms, and gaming. Commission members are appointed. If the Florida legislature turns control of the gaming industry over to a commission we lose all accountability to the people.

SB 7050/7052/7054 Casino Gambling Package Expansion – Proposed by the Gambling Committee/Sen. Richter.
These bills would create two new casinos in Florida, create a new state department to “regulate” gambling and would require a constitutional amendment for any gambling not presently allowed by law.

SB 98 Expanding the Florida Lottery to Online Portals Lottery - Sen. Margolis (D)
This bill would authorize the Department of the Lottery to create a program to purchase lottery tickets online.

HB 8001/SB 68 Feminist “ERA” Amendment – Berman (D) /Sen. Joyner (D)
This bill would ratify the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to equal rights for men and women.